Laser Dentistry - Pain Free Dentistry

Are you afraid to undergo dental treatment because of the drill? Try Pain Free Laser Dentistry! Providing pinpoint accuracy, Laser Dentistry is changing the face of the dental world. Requiring no direct contact with your teeth or gums, Laser Dentistry eliminates the need for the drill and anaesthesia in dental treatment (in many cases).

The technique of Laser Dentistry may be used for a number of soft and hard tissue procedures, including:

Removal of decay

Cavity preparation

Root Canal treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures

Gum Procedures

General Dentistry treatments

The Laser machine is used for fillings, cavity preparation, gum treatment, oral surgery, periodontal treatment and cosmetic dentistry. Laser dentistry provides patients of all ages with the greatest comfort, precision and results. 

What sets us apart most is our use of Laser dentistryThe laser provides needle-free and pain free treatment in most cases. With the advanced laser technology, we are able to treat your dental problems much more efficiently. For example, the time taken to do fillings is shortened dramatically.

Not all dentists are qualified to use such technologies, but at our surgery, this treatment is readily available without any extra cost. Patients simply have the choice between Laser or Traditional procedures at no extra cost.

The greatest advantage provided by Laser Dentistry is undoubtedly the increased comfort experienced during treatment. Laser Dentistry reduces the need for pain medication following a procedure and minimises swelling and inflammation to surrounding surfaces.

The laser may also remove gum tissue without causing bleeding. The utilisation of lasers in dental treatment is completely safe and highly effective. There is no need to put off seeing the dentist any longer!

Advantages of using the Laser over traditional methods include:

  • Greater Comfort

  • Less Anaesthesia

  • Reduced Bleeding

  • Short and Comfortable Healing