What is CEREC?

CEREC is a high-tech instrument that helps dentist restore damaged teeth. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

CEREC can be used for a range of restorations including:

Partial and Full Crowns



All other single-tooth restorations


Protects and preserves your own tooth's structural integrity

Perfect looks, precise fit, comfort and highest quality

Long lasting and durable

Unquestionably the most cost effective restoration available in dentistry today

Only one appointment:

We perform the restoration in a single session, usually in less than one hour.

No need for us to make an impression and send it to a lab.

No return visits for the patient.

CEREC Benefits

    CEREC is the world's only system for the fabrication of all ceramic dental restorations in one office visit! 

    With CEREC, Dr. Nathan can complete your permanent, all ceramic crown, onlay, or veneer in just one quick visit! This means fewer shots, less drilling, and less time out of your hectic schedule for dental care.

    1. No gooey impressions to take
    2. No temporaries
    3. Tooth coloured ceramic
    4. Metal-free
    5. Conservative restorations retain more healthy tooth structure
    6. Natural looking: made out of tooth-coloured, ceramic material
    7. Biocompatible, high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant.
    8. No silver-coloured fillings.
    9. Allows dentist to save more of the healthy tooth.
    10. Extremely precise.
    11. Polishing or glazing ensures a pleasantly smooth and natural feel
    12. The colour and appearance make the special ceramic material blend with your tooth
    13. Perfectly bonded porcelain ensures an extremely long life for your teeth
    14. Maximum strength, great looks!

    CEREC Procedure

      What is the procedure?

      1. First, we prepare the damaged tooth by painting a thin layer of reflective powder directly on the tooth's surface.
      2. Using a special camera, we then take a picture of the tooth.
      3. No need to take a messy impression and send it to the lab. We work from this photo, which is actually a pin-sharp optical impression of the tooth.
      4. Computer aided design technology (CAD / CAM) help us design the restoration from the optical impression.
      5. The design is done chairside on a colour monitor. Patients can watch us design the new restoration right in front of their eyes!
      6. Then computer aided manufacturing creates the restoration while the patient waits. The tooth is milled out of diamond bur and a disk simultaneously to mill a precise restoration. 
        The milling takes about 10 minutes.
      7. Finally, we bond the newly milled restoration to the tooth using an adhesive.

      CEREC Crowns

        For more heavily compromised teeth, a traditional treatment has been a crown restoration, which can take several separate appointments. Using the CEREC method, crown restoration is completed in a single appointment. No impressions, no temporary crowns. no need for a second injection.

        Average treatment time is only one to two hours.

        CEREC Fillings

          CEREC Fillings (inlays/onlays):

          After decay and old filling material is removed, the individually manufactured ceramic will be fitted exactly.

          The whole procedure lasts only between one and two hours.

          CEREC Veneers

            Malpositioned and discoloured teeth can be restored with porcelain veneers.

            Your tooth is adjusted and a thin layer of porcelain is bonded securely to your tooth.

            Perfect looks, perfect fit…

            Creating a wonderful, natural smile - all in a single appointment.